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Team Building

Team Building


At Mór Active, we have developed the best team building games that you will experience and will definitely provide you with everlasting fun and memories. Our games are designed to get the best out of your students with exciting team games will enable them to grow in confidence as they develop personal skills including teamwork, communication, planning and decision-making.

These activities are perfect for a day on the beach, football field or an indoor setting and can be delivered to a location that suits you.

Example Activities

We will have everyone participating and cheering each other on for some fast-paced team games! Here are some examples:

Orange Peel – An energetic and interactive warm up that will get everyone into the mood of participating. Group forms an interlocking circle (they are the orange) while the peeler must pull apart the orange. With each person pulled from the orange they join the peeler in the task.

Lava Pit – Teams are given a scenario of standing at the edge of a lava slide and they must get from one side of the lava area to the other without   touching the ground. They will use objects such as a long plank of wood, rope      and other useful methods. Team work with a lot of fun.

Walking Millipede – This is a fun game in which groups must work together as a team in order to move like a millipede. The group have two planks of wood with ropes attached to them and must move a certain distance without falling over. 

Level of Ability: All levels of fitness

Availability: September to May

Activity Packages:

Half Day Options: €30 per person (10am-1pm)

Full Day Options: €45 per person (10am-4pm)


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